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How to tan your hands & feet!

One of the questions we get asked the most is how to tan hands and feet; the struggle is real!

Nothing is worse than waking up to a perfect body tan, with streaky hands or feet.

With our list of hints and tips, you will have perfectly tanned feet and hands, every time you tan!


This step is so important. Dead and dry skin is not a perfect tans friend, especially for hands and feet. The night before you tan make sure to exfoliate your hands and feet using the bBold Rough to Buff Exfoliator. Gently buff your hands in circular motions to exfoliate away any dry skin, this will ensure your tan doesn’t cling to any pesky dry patches.

Once your skin is fresh and exfoliated, it’s time to moisturise your hands and feet using the bBold body beautiful moisturiser, make sure not to miss those wrists and ankles! Now to get some sleep, when you wake up tomorrow its tanning time!


We recommend applying bBold tan to your hands and feet using the bBold multi-purpose brush, or any fluffy makeup brush will do. A makeup brush will allow you to really buff your tan into your hands and feet, for a glowing, natural finish.

Apply one pump of tan onto your glove and then gently dip the brush into the tan to apply, you’re ready to go!

When it comes to application, tan from your wrists down to prevent too much product being applied to fingers and knuckles. Moving down from your wrists, spread out your hands and gently buff your tan around your knuckles and the insides of your fingers. Pay special attention to the top of your hands where the sun would naturally hit. When you finish tanning your hands use a small amount of bBold body beautiful moisturiser and rub this into your hands, this will make sure your hands don’t end up too dark!.

For tanning your feet, we recommend mixing your tan of choice with a little moisturiser, then using your brush again to gently buff your tan into your feet, paying attention to the top. If you don’t have a brush just use the remaining residue on your glove – this works great! Make sure to stand on a dark towel, no one wants a tanned bathroom floor!

Nearly finished...

To ensure your tan looks as natural and as flawless as possible, take a makeup wipe and rub the palms of your hands and soles of your feet to remove any excess. Make sure to wipe your cuticles and nails too!

Good to glow!

By following these steps, you will wake up with flawlessly tanned hands and feet.

Top Tip - If your hands or feet have turned out too dark , grab that Rough to Buff exfoliator, lightly exfoliating in circular motions to restore your tan to a golden glow.





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